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Do Body Shops Use OEM Parts?

oem auto body parts

Do Body Shops Use OEM Parts?

When your vehicle is damaged in an accident or due to normal wear and tear, you might need some parts replaced.

There are original parts made by the manufacturer called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, and then there are the less expensive aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts can have a wide variety of fit and prices since these are off-brand and/or used parts.

OEM is usually the safest choice when it comes to warranty and quality.  They are original equipment pieces that are made by a car manufacturer. The parts have never been used before and are brand-new.

How Do Body Shops Feel About OEM Parts?

OEM parts are more expensive than off-brand options but sometimes take longer to get because they need to be ordered from the manufacturer.

Car owners think that the cost associated with custom order parts and the time taken for their delivery may compel body shops to prefer and use off-brand parts. However, body shops love OEM parts in most cases. They fit as they are supposed to without any mechanical adjustments and do the job perfectly. They also come with a warranty and ensure a safer drive.

Why Are OEM Parts Recommended For Collision Repair?

OEM parts may be expensive, but they are usually worth the additional cost. They are also in most cases backed by an extensive warranty that is better than aftermarket parts.

While most aftermarket parts go through rigorous testing, there are many that do not. For older cars, many people choose aftermarket parts due to the price and a lot of aftermarket parts as just as good as OEM parts, however for newer cars, due to the need to maintain the appreciated value of the car, you might want to check for OEM parts first.


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