Waterborne Auto Paint

Waterborne Auto Paint

Waterborne Paint Products

At the moment, Kansas law doesn't require auto body shops to use waterborne paint products. But Global Collision does! Here's not only why we use them, but why we use the finest waterborne auto paint product on the market - Aquabase Plug from PPG:

PPG Auto Paint is Environmentally Friendly

PPG Auto Paint  is more than just environmentally friendly. PPG Auto Paint significantly reduces solvent emissions. So it's better for the work environment as well as the community environment. They also offer the best auto paint quality.

Better Finish - Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

good housekeeping seal for waterborne auto paintPPG products guarantee a better finish. That alone would be a good reason to use waterborne paint products.

But PPG Aquabase Plug is also backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, the most  respected symbol of quality in the consumer market for 100 years.

When you add an endorsement from Good Housekeeping to a better finish guarantee, there's no wonder we use PPG Auto Paints at Global Collision Centers.

Better Color Match & Faster Drying Times

PPG paints also provide customers with better color match and faster drying times.

Waterborne Auto Paint Support

waterborne auto paintPPG's paint reps are invaluable, too. The paint reps at PPG are hands down the best of the best.  They work closely with GCC painters to ensure you get the best auto paint job possible.  They also assist with color matching and provide the necessary materials to return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.  That kind of support is priceless!

When you add it all up, it's no wonder we use PPG waterborne auto paint at Global Collision Centers. If Wichita's best auto paint shop uses it, you know it's good.

See for yourself what a difference PPG paint products make!

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