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Got Hail Damage?

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Hail Damage Repair Service in Wichita

HAIL YEAH we fix hail damage. Even if you think you only see a couple of dents, you could have $1000’s in damages.

It is important to have your vehicle evaluated by experts. If left unrepaired you will devalue your vehicle, and could result in lower insurance compensation on future damages.

Hail claims do not harm your insurance rates so you have nothing to lose. Call us at 316-351-7373 or 316-264-HAIL(4245) to set up an appointment!

Hail Damage Can Destroy The Overall Value Of Your Vehicle

Got Some Hail Damage To Your Vehicle?

We restore paint and dents for cars with hail damage, even if it's an older car that looks torn apart, we can bring it back to it's beautiful better-than-new original condition at a super affordable price.
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