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How Do You Get Hail Dents Out Of A Hood?

How Do You Get Hail Dents Out Of A Hood?

You can use several methods to get hail dents out of a car hood, though the best method often depends on the extent of the damage. Some minor dents can be handled with simple DIY methods, while others may require professional repair. Here’s a look at some common ways to handle hail dents:

DIY Dent Repair Kits

These kits are available at most auto parts stores and online. They often include tools like suction cups and specialized adhesives that you can use to pull the dent out. Follow the instructions that come with the kit carefully.

Heat & Cold Method

This method works well for small dents and uses rapid temperature changes to make the metal expand and contract, which can pop the dent out. To do this:

  • Heat the dented area gently using a hairdryer, keeping it about six inches away from the car’s surface.
  • Once the area is hot enough, immediately take a can of compressed air (hold it upside down) and spray it on the heated area. The sudden cold causes the metal to contract, which can pop the dent out.

Remember, this method might not work on larger, deeper dents.

Dent Removal Tools or Plunger

You can use dent removal tools or even a plunger for this method. The suction can help to pull the dents out.

  • Moisten the plunger and the dented area.
  • Place the plunger over the dent and push in and out, similar to how you would use it to unclog a drain.

Professional Repair

While these DIY methods may work for small dents, larger or more complex dents may require professional attention. The most common professional method for removing hail dents is called Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). Technicians use specialized tools to massage the dents out of the metal without damaging the paint.

Remember, any DIY method risks causing further damage to the vehicle if not performed correctly.

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