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How Expensive Is A New Paint Job On A Car?

How Expensive Is A New Paint Job On A Car

The cost of a new paint job on a car can vary widely depending on several factors, including the quality of the paint job, the size of the vehicle, the type of paint used, and the amount of prep work required.

Here’s a general breakdown of what you can expect to pay for different levels of paint jobs…

Basic Paint Jobs

  • Cost Range – $500 to $1,000
  • Characteristics – A basic paint job usually includes a few coats of paint to cover the vehicle but may not include detailed prep work, such as sanding or repairing minor dents and scratches. The quality of paint and materials used is typically on the lower end.

Standard Paint Jobs

  • Cost Range – $1,000 to $3,000
  • Characteristics – This level of paint job offers better quality with more thorough prep work, including sanding and fixing minor dents and scratches. Higher quality paint is used, and the vehicle will receive multiple coats of paint and a protective clear coat.

Showroom Quality Paint Jobs

  • Cost Range – $3,000 to $20,000+
  • Characteristics – For a showroom quality finish, expect to pay significantly more. This type of paint job involves extensive prep work, including sanding the vehicle down to the bare metal, repairing all dents and damage, and applying multiple layers of high-quality paint. Custom colors, designs, and finishes (such as metallic or pearlescent) can also drive up the cost.

Additional Factors Affecting Cost

  • Vehicle Size – Larger vehicles require more paint and materials, increasing the overall cost.
  • Color Change – Changing the color of a vehicle is more expensive than repainting it the same color because it involves painting the engine bay, door jams, and trunk areas to match the exterior.
  • Prep Work – The amount of prep work needed can significantly affect the price. Vehicles with a lot of rust, dents, or damage will require more labor, increasing the cost.
  • Geographical Location – Labor costs can vary depending on where you live, with higher prices typically found in metropolitan areas.


The cost of a new paint job on a car can range from a few hundred dollars for a basic refresh to tens of thousands for a high-end, custom job. Decide what you want out of the paint job and how much you’re willing to spend. Always get quotes from several shops to compare prices and understand what each package includes. The cheapest option might not always offer the best value in terms of quality and durability.

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