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why auto body shops are so expensive

Why Do Auto Body Shops Charge So Much?

The high hourly rates charged by mechanic shops can certainly be a concern for individuals who rely on their services for vehicle maintenance and repair. Several factors contribute to the costs associated with auto repair, and it's essential to understand…
auto body repair shop prices wichita

How Much Is Labor At A Body Shop?

Usually, labor charges quoted by repair shops are done using a computer program or “flat rate” manual that provides the average time taken by an experienced technician to complete a given vehicle repair. This flat-rate duration is then multiplied by…
Do you pay before or after car repair?

Do you pay before or after car repair?

Usually, you pay at the time of pickup. Some auto body shops require a deposit or maybe require paying for the parts up front and the service fee afterward.
Can you negotiate with a body shop

Can you negotiate with a body shop?

Some body shops are willing to negotiate, some are not but it never hurts to ask.
What happens if you don't pay the body shop?

What happens if you don’t pay the body shop?

If you don’t pay due to avoiding the bill, the body shop can sue you or hold your car until you pay, if it was in the contract you signed for the repairs. Most body shops require the bill to…
Does insurance pay body shops directly?

Does insurance pay body shops directly?

Depending on the insurance company, some insurance companies the majority of the time the insurance company will send the check to the customer and the customer pays the body shop.  Some insurance companies will even deposit the money directly into…
Do you autobody shops clean your car
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Do auto body shops clean your car?

Usually, after the repair is done, detail is part of it. Most collision repair jobs are completed with detailed service. If the job is very small such as popping out a dent, then a detail might not be included. For…
What does an auto body shop do

What does an auto body shop do?

An auto body shop repairs anything deer hits, dent repair, paint scratches, accident collisions, and anything related to the exterior body of the vehicle.
What happens if the autobody shop does a bad job

What happens if the auto body shop does a bad job?

Reputable body shops will have a warranty on their work or fix it if you are not happy. As long as they are not misleading. You can also look for the gold class car certification.
What should I look for when picking up my car from an auto body shop

What should I look for when picking up my car from an auto body shop?

Make sure body lines are straight, door gaps are straight, no door gaps, and check the paint for runs or debris that fell on the paint while it was curing. Look over the invoice and if you have questions don’t…