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How long will my car be in the body shop
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How long will my car be in the body shop?

Smaller repairs can be done in as little as 1-2 days while larger collisions repairs can take upwards of about two 2-3 weeks, on vehicles with major structural damage. For example if if the frame or unibody is damaged. Smaller…
What is a body shop manager
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What is a body shop manager?

In a small private shop, the manager of an auto body shop is responsible for almost everything and has to be a jack of all trades in the shop. At a larger body shop, they have specialized tasks for every…
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What work does a body shop do?

Body shops do collision repair, from damage incurred by accidents, dent repair, auto body damage repair and custom auto body work such as painting, vehicle restoration including classic cars and rust repairs.
How much does body shop work cost
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How much does body shop work cost?

Rates for auto body work are all over the place all over the country. Hourly rates for body work are generally cheaper than a mechanic for the same job, but sometimes people don’t know the true extent of how much…
Should I fix my car at the dealership
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Should I fix my car at the dealership?

Dealerships aren’t always perfect on price or quality. Small private auto body shops are capable of doing the same repairs as the big dealerships. Just get a quote at both to compare before deciding.
What do you do if your car is totaled and you have no collision insurance
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What do you do if your car is totaled and you have no collision insurance?

If you were deemed at fault in the accident, then you are responsible for fixing the car at your own out-of-pocket expense.
Plastic Bumpers
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Can Plastic Bumpers Be Repaired?

Bumper covers are usually damaged during collisions. Fortunately, it is easy to replace the plastic bumpers and damaged bumper covers after accidents and collisions. In fact, plastic bumpers are the easiest parts to be repaired and they allow technicians to…
Insurance Cover Scratches

Does Insurance Cover Scratches On Car?

Yes, it does. However, insurance coverage for scratches is influenced by the cause of scratches mainly. Your car insurance company can offer car scratch coverage if the scratch was caused by accidental collisions such as car keying as an act…
Car Body Damage

How Do You Fix Car Body Damage?

Taking your car to a collision repair center is the first step to fix your body damages on your car. Sanding tools are usually used to repair dents, scratch, and dings in the car body followed by paintwork and buffing.…
How Long To Fix a Car Dent
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How Long Does it Take to Fix a Car Dent?

Have a dent in your car? Whether you've had it there for years, putting off repairing it, or just got it today, when it comes to repairs you'll likely want it done fast. Unless you have a bunch of extra…