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Do Auto Body Shops Charge For Estimates?

Auto Body Shops Estimate

There are places that would charge you a flat fee for a basic inspection without telling you upfront, so you should call in and ask first. At Global Collision Centers here in Wichita, KS, we do not charge for an inspection and have no hidden fees, we explain everything upfront and as honestly as possible.

What Does An Auto Body Repair Estimate Include?

Know exactly what to expect from a body repair estimate so you don’t get tricked.

We get basic details from you including claim information, insurance policy info, and your contact info. We’ll work with your insurance provider to help negotiate costs and get you the best deal possible.

Paintwork can be tricky since it involves the removal of panels. Sometimes dents have damaged the area behind the panel.

When Does It Make Sense To Pay For The Estimate?

Know the exact bill amount and not a guess.  Get a detailed analysis upfront if you don’t have insurance.

Sometimes it’s better to scrap an older car than repair it.

Free estimates are generally never the same as the final bill amount at most places. At Global Collision, unless it’s an extraordinary situation, we honor our estimates.  The process of providing an accurate estimate can be labor-intensive. Most accidents involve damages that are not obvious or apparent as a glance. The car might need to be disassembled for evaluation purposes, which requires equipment, time, and a lot of elbow grease.

The inspection is an integral part of the repair work.

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