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What’s The Difference Between Automotive Repair & Auto Body Shop?

Auto Body Shop

Many people get confused between auto repair shops and auto body shops and car owners often think anything concerning the repair or maintenance of a vehicle is the job of a mechanic.

Auto body techs work on the cosmetic parts of the car, and auto repair mechanics repair the parts that keep the car moving.

The job of a normal auto repair shop is to fix the engine components and all other related parts which may need repair due to normal wear and tear. Whereas, an auto body shop is concerned with fixing the body, including fender, bumper, doors, paint, and frame; among other things.

Here is an in-depth understanding of what these shops do:

When Should You Go To An Auto Repair Shop?

The mechanic is the primary person at auto repair shops.  Visit a mechanic whenever your car has an internal problem that did not occur because of an accident or a collision. Auto repair shops have the right expertise and knowledge to remove, replace, and fix damaged components.

Common maintenance and repair jobs carried out by auto repair shops:

  • Brakes replacement
  • Replacement of any part that wears out due to normal driving
  • Oil change
  • Engine component repairs
  • Repair of other moving components of the vehicle damaged due to normal wear and tear

Basically, auto mechanics are equipped to repair cars internally. Make sure you visit a shop where the mechanic is trained and certified to handle the electrical as well as the mechanical parts of your make and model. Auto repair shops are primarily concerned with the engine and its related functionality.

When Should You Go To An Auto Body Shop?

Auto body shop or collision centers are concerned with fixing your car back to the manufacturer’s specifications after an accident or collision. They focus on the aesthetics of your vehicle, including general appearance and body balance.

Body shops work on the appearance of your car and make an initial evaluation. When there are body repairs to be done, auto body shops are the best people to go to.

At Global Collision Centers in Wichita, KS, we will touch up your vehicle and ensure that it looks like the accident never happened.

They are the experts when it comes to dented fenders, interior cleaning, paint jobs, and cracked windshields. You should visit an auto body shop whenever the exterior and non-moving parts of your vehicle are in need of repair.

These are some common jobs carried out by auto body shops:

  • Vehicle restoration after major and minor collisions
  • Dent repair in sheet metal
  • Paint restoration and touch up to factory specified colors
  • Replacement of damaged body panels, bumpers, and any other component that does not directly work with the engine
  • Glass repair or replacement

Auto body shops are all about making your car look brand new while automotive repair shops are about making the engine drive smooth.

Know Where to Go

It isn’t about who is better at what job. Both, mechanics and auto body shop technicians are experienced and extensively trained in their fields. While some level of overlap exists in the fields, they are not completely interchangeable.

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