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What Do Auto Body Shops Fix?

what do auto body shops fix - wichita

These are some of the common jobs undertaken by auto body shops:

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Removing dents is one of the primary jobs done by an auto body shop. Dents can occur because of other car doors, weather, and numerous other random accidents. Hail damage, flying rocks, or stray grocery carts can all leave a noticeable dent in car doors and body panels.

Even the most minor dents, when left untreated, can result in expensive paint damage later on. We do “paintless dent removal”, or (PDR), to make sure that does not happen.  PDR does not require sanding or fillers.  We make use of different special tools to gently push back the dent in place without harming your factory paint job.

As a whole, PDR is a super cost-effective and durable way to get rid of dents and make your ride looking brand new.

Since dent removal is so common, they are also really cheap to fix.

Auto Body Painting

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A good paint job and sealant on your car protects it from weather damage. It also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your car.

A new paint job is usually done after a severe collision to protect the exterior of your car from the weather and helps in improving the look of your car.  Auto body shops routinely carry out paint jobs on vehicles with rock chips, scratches, paint swirling, rust, and other damage.

This is how body shop techs do it:

  1. Sand down the surface to bare metal and clean it
  2. A corrosion-resistant primer is applied and left to cure
  3. Cured primer is then sanded down and the surface is cleaned carefully
  4. A sprayer is used to apply several layers of paint which is allowed to dry for a week
  5. Paint is topped with a clear coat to give a high-gloss finish
  6. Exterior is arduously buffed and polished

Custom paint jobs include everything from elaborate designs to flashy colors.

Collision Damage Repair

Another common and vital body shop repair is collision damage. This can involve multiple fixes and is very important to the life of your vehicle.

Automobile accidents are fairly common, and it can be very easy to simply brush off the damage as cosmetics to save time and money. However, it is recommended that you get your car looked over by a reliable and experienced body shop. This is because collision can damage a car in many ways that may not be readily apparent but will affect the overall durability of your vehicle.

Often, collision repairs are covered by insurance. So, there really is no excuse to not have your vehicle damages checked out. It is quite possible that the exterior looks fine, but there is damage to the frame, which can result in expensive problems later on.

Window Repairs & Replacement

Auto glass can be damaged in several forms, including cracks, breaks, and chips. Sometimes, the damage is minor enough to be repaired. Other times a total window or windshield replacement may prove to be necessary.

It can be hard to ascertain whether the crack or chip can be ignored, repaired, or needs complete replacement. You should have a professional from a body shop look over and make that call. Remember, most reputable body shops would not charge you for an estimate.

Window replacement can also be for cosmetic reasons, like tinting. Window tinting is regulated by state law, but your local auto body shop would be well versed with the regulations.

Frame Alignment & Repair

Frame damage is not immediately noticeable and can often be overlooked. The structural integrity of the frame is vital to the health of your car. Your vehicle pulling to one side while driving or shaking could be a sign that the frame needs an alignment or repair.

Around 50% of vehicles need frame damage during an accident. This includes minor fender benders. When the frame is unknowingly bent or weakened it is a major safety hazard. Vehicles with bent frames would also handle poorly, track unevenly, and cause the steering components and tires to wear out quickly.

Frame repair is done through auto body shops. It is often carried out in conjunction with collision repair.  You should have a professional check out the car frame whenever you have been in an accident or feel that the car is not driving as it should.

Steps that are taken by body shop technicians to ensure that the car frame is safe:

  1. The frame is visually inspected for indications of damage
  2. In case of visible damage, the car is placed on a frame alignment machine
  3. The frame is then straightened by the machine using torque and hydraulic forces until it returns to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  4. Your automobile will drive straight and track normally when the frame is straightened. It will be much safer to drive.

Having your car repaired at an auto body shop is not something you should delay or ignore. Timely repairs, especially where paint jobs and dent removals are concerned could prevent extensive damage later on.

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